Demo Pickleball Paddles Available To Clubs

Back in January, we made a post about how to pick a pickleball paddle with some great information about size, weight, and grip. Each detail can change or enhance the way you play, either to your advantage or to your detriment. We see many articles all over about these details and explanations about why they are important. Of course, everyone has an opinion. Even WE have an opinion. With all of that being said, how do you, as a player know for sure how it will affect you? Will that paddle feel as perfect to you as you read in an article? Maybe yes, maybe no.


In reality,  to know how much you will love your paddle you want to decide by how it “feels’:

How does it feel in your hand?

How does it feel to grip?

How does it feel to swing?

Consider your attention to purchasing shoes for playing. Is cushion more important to you as arch supports? When I am considering a quality pair of shoes – especially if they are for a designated activity – opinions don’t matter as much as how they feel after the 5th hour of activity wearing them. I put them through some extreme scrutiny:

I do the “mom walk” that my mother trained me to do as a child. That’s where you walk up and down the aisle to see how they feel.

I do a little bounce up and down to get an idea of impact resistance of the sole.

I do a couple of lunges to the side to feel the stability of the surrounding material to make sure that it cradles my foot “just right”.

Okay, I ain’t gonna lie here, my final analysis (but not the most important for a performance shoe) is the color of the shoe and how it makes my leg look. It’s not as important, but it could be a tie-breaker.

I’m pretty sure that my practices are not uncommon (please tell me you do some of this too!). I am frugal by nature, but not cheap. I will spend the money for a quality item, but nothing aggravates me more than making a purchase for something I wind up not using because I don’t like the feel of it.

Just like a pair of shoes, how your paddle feels in action makes all of the difference, and will greatly impact your performance in the game. We at Apollo want you to fall in love with our paddles, and while we try to have the great design so they look good, we want you to LOVE how you play with them. We want you to love them so much that you might pass them around to your friends saying “here, give this a try”.

Apollo invites your club to give our paddles a try!

You don’t have to give up your favorite paddle for a game if your club has some to loan out. We want you and your teammates to have that opportunity to put our paddles through an entire game. Even better – we’d love to get the feedback from your entire club, too. That’s why we are offering up some demo paddles to qualified clubs (membership size of 150 or more) to try out and pass around.


It is so exciting to see the inspiration on someone’s face after their first day of play and they realize that they love the game as much as you do. You just watched the birth of a new enthusiast! One challenge for a club to gain new members is outfitting the brand new beginner that is exploring the sport. They may be hesitant to make any serious investment until they get a feel for the game, which is completely reasonable, right? With Apollo being a top paddle rated for beginners, ours is perfect for helping them gain comfort and confidence in the game.


Two teams of two playing a game of pickleball

In the same light is an active, seasoned player. These players have a keen understanding of the importance of how the paddle “feels”. Play an entire game and experience every strategic move with the paddle. Feel how your own hand responds to it over a day of playing.

Do you feel a sense of control? – How about fatigue? – How does the paddle respond to you?

In addition to grouping together for the love of a game, clubs should also share some perks, right? It is a wonderful benefit for a club to have a collection of paddles to try different types before making a purchase. If your club doesn’t have a collection yet of demo and loaner paddles, it’s a great idea to start one, and no better time than right now!


We have paddles available to donate with our compliments while supplies last to qualifying clubs to extend this benefit to their members. Your love of the game will help create your love of our pickleball paddles, so we want to encourage all of you to get a chance to try them. 

If this is something you’d like to get for your own club, contact us today! We will take it from there and you can take the glory of being the hero of this fantastic score for your club.

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