Introducing the Apollo Brand Ambassador Program


It’s here…it’s finally THAT time!!!!

It’s hard to describe exactly how excited we are to be able to launch such a program. This was a long time in the making building our brand to become a reputable product and rated one of the top 10 paddles in 2018 (hoping to repeat that for 2019). With this success, we have realized that we cannot do it all ourselves, attending every cool event. We need helpers! That’s what brought about the Apollo Brand Ambassador program.

We are seeking several brand ambassadors to represent Apollo at events. You may set up a table at events and share information. You may be the one passing out swag. You know…you’ll be everyone’s best friend with the coolest goodies!

Finally – of course, you’re going to PLAY too. In fact, we’re going to outfit you in our gear to do it. The best way to show our product is to see it in action. With that in mind, erase any thought that this might take you away from the action. It’s going to put you right in the middle of everything!



Imagine you or even a whole posse of ambassadors completely engaged with the crowd. Think champagne wishes and Pickleball dreams, right?  You would be decked out in the coolest t-shirts we have, showing off the newest products.  Of course, you’ll be playing with our paddles and balls too.  You will attend these events while we pay the fees for you. What’s not to love?

You don’t need to be a top player or an instagram model. What you need to be is a social creature who enjoys participating in the action of a good event. You need to be dependable and understand the expectations that come with this honor. Most importantly, you need to be excited about the brand you are representing. 



We’d love to hear from you ASAP. At the top of the window you’ll find a new button labeled Ambassador. Click that button and complete your contact information to be considered. We look forward to talking with you and sharing more information about our vision of this program! This could be you as our newest ambassador.

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