On a mission to take pickleball to new heights

Apollo Pickleball was started to enhance the game of Pickleball by engineering high-quality & performance paddles.


The Apollo journey started when our founder, a competitive pickleball player, set out on a mission to design an affordable high-performance pickleball paddle that would benefit the entire pickleball community. After being fed up with all the low-quality, yet pricey, pickleball paddles flooding the market by conglomerate sporting goods manufacturers, our founder took matters into his own hands to disrupt the industry.


As the small underdog, we took a shot and went head-to-head against the large sporting good manufacturers. Our strategy was to aggressively focus on what's important to the players: innovation, performance & high-quality pickleball gear. Our mission was to develop a true “pickleball company” with the motto: Our products are designed on the court by pickleball players for pickleball players, period. One paddle at a time and four-long years of working around “the kitchen” later, we now have over 10,000 pickleball players that have taken their game to the next level with Apollo Pickleball paddles!


It’s truly an underdog story that wouldn't have been possible without the support from our amazing customers! With that in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to pushing innovation in the sport that we love and are committed to crafting the highest-performance and value-combined pickleball paddles in the industry - WE GUARANTEE IT!

Behind the scene

David Kopacz

David Kopacz

Owner and CEO
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